The Artist

The Artist

Doug designing, "M-100 Spiral Galaxy in Virgo"

Scientists who are on the leading edge of their individual fields sometime encounter a spiritual place in the surrounding and endless macrocosm.  For example, an astronomer might be concentrating on the planets of our solar system, but then is intrigued by something further out in space.  As the astronomer looks past local stars to see the tremendous volume of our galactic arm, the realization of immensity begins to settle-in.  With increased magnification, distant galaxy strings come into view and become mere fibers in a fabric that unfolds beyond our understanding.  During these uneasy and stunning moments of discovery, some will feel the sudden intuitive grasp of reality about how insignificant we are in the universe; one may have a spiritual experience.  In some cultures, this phenomenon is called “enlightenment” or “Satori”.

Opening at Court House for Galileos LibraryArtists who are focused particularly looking inward into the endlessness of the human mind are sometimes also able to experience that state of intuitive illumination; they encounter a spiritual world.  During the 1890s, European artists like Kandinsky, Kupka, Klint, and others painted their cosmic visions of the supernatural and the astral plane.  Even in the face of tremendous criticism, these explorers who pioneered the human unconscious mind ultimately gave birth to the Abstract Art movement.

Just as the materialized spiritual experiences of scientists transform humanity, artists also find new ideas and encourage the search for understanding.  In the same way that the birth of Abstract Art changed the spirit of humanity, is it possible for further new visions from those who combine art and science to open doorways to another world and minister the survival of humanity?

If you have a specific subject in mind for sculpture, I am open to your ideas for design and sculpture work under commission.  To contact me, click at the following link and go to my contact page.

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