Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my new Blog

Thanks for visiting my blog. Visit from time to time or sign up for my feed. There will be articles about Post Conceptual art, how to get through a public art project, Art & Science philosophy, Art & Technology philosophy, and exploration of how art can save humanity.  Since my background is in science, my sculptures include interesting geometry, such as, parabolas, the Golden Ratio, spirals, and various phenomena in the physics of materials.  After many years of reading and designing through science and technology, I have witnessed the beginning of the Digital Era, the Space Race, and Globalization.  This view of history unfolding gives me pause to wonder about our future.  Will cybernetics advance to the point where we are part machine?  Will Artificial Intelligence take over governance, food production, and medicine?  How will humanity survive these changes of the future?  I have some ideas on these questions to write in future articles published in the “Articles” section of this website.  You are welcome to participate.  What is your opinion?

To some degree, our future is in the children and parents who are involved with combining science and technology with art.  Research online SciArt.  Here are a few organizations:





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