Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my new Blog

Thanks for visiting my blog. Visit from time to time or sign up for my feed. There will be articles about Post Conceptual art, how to get through a public art project, Art & Science philosophy, Art & Technology philosophy, and exploration of how art can save humanity.  Since my background is in science, my sculptures include geometry, such as, parabolas, the Golden Ratio, spirals, and various phenomena in the physics of materials.  Born in 1947, enjoying years of reading and designing art through the lens of science and technology, and witnessing the beginning of the Digital Era, the Space Race, and Globalization, I remain in awe.  History unfolding has given me pause to wonder about how humanity will survive moving into the future.  Will cybernetics advance to make us part machine?  Will Artificial Intelligence supersede our thinking to take over governance, food production, and medicine?  How will the organization of humanity survive these technologies?  Will the forms of government that have been with us from the beginning become obsolete?  What is your opinion?

To some degree, our future is in the hands and minds of our children.  Perhaps the parents who read stories to their young children and create a love of learning are the real saints of this age.  We are in an age of accelerated expanding science and technology.  We desperately need leaders who foresee the pitfalls.  Adding art into this mix will give us the opportunity to see ahead what we will become.  Our young artists today are creating beautiful works of art with keyboard algorithms.  Occasionally, we find among the new computer graphic visions a cyber Madonna with astounding beauty.

I do not think we should be afraid of the future.  Paleolithic peoples prided themselves in their day of art and technology on the making of the most advanced flint spear points, petroglyphs, and cave paintings.  We are not very different today, using what is available from our surroundings, the intelligent cell phone taking the place of a spear point.  But, where we diverge from our ancient ancestors is in the fact that today our tools have global reach in capability, changing Earth’s surface and atmosphere.  In this context, how can art intermix with and channel through science and technology to save humanity?





Send me the organizations you find to add to this list.  Thank you.  Doug Czor