The Artist

The Artist

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Scientists who are on the leading edge of their individual fields sometime encounter a spiritual place in the surrounding and endless universe.  For example, an astronomer might be concentrating on the planets of our solar system, but then is intrigued by something further out in space.  As the astronomer looks past local stars to see the tremendous volume of our galactic arm, the realization of immensity begins to settle-in.  With increased magnification, distant galaxy strings come into view and become mere fibers in a fabric that unfolds endlessly into the dark night of space.  During these uneasy and stunning moments of discovery, some will feel the sudden intuitive grasp of how insignificant we are in the universe and have the epiphany of a spiritual experience.  

Opening at Court House for Galileos LibraryArtists and researchers who look inward, focusing on the depths of the endless human mind sometimes also are able to experience that state of intuitive illumination in an encounter with the spiritual world.  During the 1890s, European artists like Kandinsky, Kupka, Klint, and others painted their cosmic visions of the supernatural and the astral plane.  Even in the face of tremendous criticism, these explorers pioneered an inward journey into the unconscious mind to ultimately give birth to the Abstract Art movement.  But, the birth of a major art movement was not all.  By looking inward by way of art, it was found that art helps us improve our mental capacity to solve larger problems.  After a study of an important artwork one can better hold within at the same time conflicting ideas, or the great polarities of the world, holding these questions, tensions, contradictions within us.  I believe that people recognize patterns in the world that they did not before the study of some artwork.  In addition, a painting or metaphor can be abstracted to be open-ended, creating many different possibilities – much more than was intended.  This guidance of art can help us live with great contradictions within us, so in following, we come to terms who we are.  We become more free of artificial constraints – more open and developing.   

Just as the materialized spiritual experiences of scientists transform humanity, artists help us find greater understanding of humanity and the universe.  If these two creative forces were combined in our social structure, would it be possible for our civilization to attain new heights, new visions, and a doorway to another world where we minister the survival of humanity?

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