8″ x 10″, oil bar on linen board, 2016.  I wish I could paint more often, but sculpture commissions come first.  It seems that once a sculpture is finished, I have only a couple of months to paint before another sculpture project arrives. 

One first should be lost to find something well hidden.

“Angels On Their Way”

18″ x 14″, oil paint on canvas, 2011

One must seize the moment of now, as it slips between our fingers.

“Messengers 2”

16″ x 20″, oil paint on canvas, 2011

Light emanates from light.

“Geologic Time”

16″ x 20″, oil paint on canvas, 2008

Patterns of the invisible.


15″ x 30″, oil paint on canvas, 2007


8″ x 10″, house paint on scrap Masonite, 1998