“Reaching for the Stars”

35 ft. in height painted steel with stainless steel sphere located on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell, New Mexico.  “Reaching For the Stars” was renovated and relocated from NMMI to a central location at ENMU to join the art collection and serve as a focal point for lectures about Art & Science and Art & Engineering.  

Bernalillo County Seal 3 & 4

Painted fiberglass, 6 ft. diameter.  The last two of four Bernalillo County Seals in the series were fabricated with aircraft fiberglass in order to hang on the front office walls of Bernalillo County.

Bernalillo County Seal 1 & 2

Bronze Seal, 6 ft. diameter. The first two of four Bernalillo County Seals in the series are cast silicon bronze.  Both were final coated with Incralac. 

“One Wind”

Painted steel and Arizona flagstone, 7 ft. in height, located in Corrales, New Mexico.

“One Wind 2”

Painted steel, 21 in. diameter, 7.5 ft. in height, located in front of my studio on West Side of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Painted steel and recovered Pine lumber, 6 ft. in height, located in my Zen garden.


“Voice of Earth”

Several maquettes of steel and aluminum led to a final bronze, about 42 in. x 8 in.  The concept was created to symbolize the spirit of humanity in our reaching out for understanding of the Universe.  Slide show of the creative process in the fabrication and transition of one aluminum maquette into a bronze casting.

“Sanctuary 2”

Acrylic maquette.  The original idea for this sculpture came about when I didn’t want to throw away the beautiful parabolic lines found in the scrap steel left over from the construction of “Reaching For the Stars”.  Fabrication and installation quotes for any size available on request.  I have been experimenting with various tints of golden red-browns of iron oxide and Indian Yellow Ochres in order to find complimentary colors to the New Mexico sky.  An outdoor sculpture is part of the surrounding sky and foliage.  They are one. 

“Horseman 2”

Lexan maquette created in the spirit of horse and rider.  My love of horses brought forth the realization that if we had not the help of domesticated horses, we might still be living in an age well before civilization.  It occurred to me that horses were one of the critical elements in our transition from the Paleolithic to the Industrial Revolution.  There are a few design changes I would like to continue and finish with this maquette.  Fabrication and installation quotes for any size available on request.


“The Promise”

Aluminum maquette, 47″ x 9″ x 9″, designed to symbolize mentorship, a love of learning, and our reaching to the heavens for understanding.  My heartfelt hope for  humanity is that we will utilize Art & Science and Art & Technology to survive the great global changes.  Now, during my elderly years, I am feeling a profound sense of wonder being alive during the birth of the Space Age.  The spirit of this great adventure permeates all of my sculpture.  I don’t fight with it.  I just let it happen.  When I have time to try and intellectualize what is happening, expecting the answers to be logical, I am instead transported to a spiritual world where humanity finds that Einstein’s, “strange action at a distance”, connects our souls to the stars.  Astronomers with our orbital telescopes are now seeing filaments of energy connecting the galaxies together web-like in one huge structure.  I wonder if this is where we will travel in the afterlife.     

Fabrication and installation quotes for any size available upon request.