One Wind II

One Wind II

One Wind 2” is 1/2 inch thick painted steel, 21 inches in diameter and 7.5 ft. in height, located on West Side of Albuquerque, New Mexico in front of my home and Red Desert Studios.

I believe that artwork of great migrating birds, when presented in a spiritual  format will send a message to help save open spaces, thus further our culture.  For millennia, humanity has looked up to the flight of migratory birds and thrilled with connecting to a higher realm.  Today, as the world becoming less natural, I watch the great migrations along the flyways.  I am inspired by the message they send of their being.  Perhaps we might realize that nature is the pathfinder and guardian for the survival of humanity.

I grew up within the wildlife wetland of a northern rainforest, and there is no doubt that this experience shaped my very being.  Today, during walks along the Rio Grande River flyway and the Bosque del Apache when the migration is in progress, I feel again that numinous inner world.  Two great migrations, the Fall homecoming of joyous return, and the Spring venturing forth of new life Qi – both lifting my awareness, illumination, and reminding me to be here now.

One Wind 2; Doug Czor; ABQ, NM

I believe it is important in the creation of an artwork that it be abstracted with many messages rather than just one, so as to free us from artificial constraints, and allow us to be open and developing.  The search for a precise definition isn’t the guarantee of truth.