“Passage” is painted steel and recovered pine lumber, standing 6 ft.  The steel is 1/2 inch thick and cut out of scrap left over from “Reaching For the Stars”.  The recycled Pine lumber blocks were lightly sand blasted and sealed.  The sculpture is presently located in my Zen garden behind the studio.

 Can we, as well as all lifeforms pass through or be a part of the unknown dimensions?  Considering quantum mechanics and Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”, it seems that we are much more united with the universe than we know.  We are not separate from the universe.  It is within every one of our cells and atomic structure.  If we listen, can we hear what the universe has to say? 

Passage; by Doug Czor

Some scientists, philosophers, and religious leaders believe that the universe through it’s structure is an unimaginably large, perhaps infinitely large assembly of information that might be able to think and know it is alive.  If this is true, perhaps what humanity has experienced by way of a spiritual relationship with God is communication with an infinitely intelligent universe.  We should not forget that our own definition of God is: omnipresent, infinite, and boundless beyond comprehension. 

To achieve some perspective on the size of the universe, I believe that the so called “Big Bang” is only a small activity that happens to very small portions of the universe.  My theory is that Big Bangs are going off all around the universe like a 4th of July weekend.  What our greatest radio telescopes see in the background microwave radiation maps and what our greatest visible light telescopes are able to detect is just a very small part of our local universe. 

We have this difficulty in seeing a model of an infinite universe because our lives are intensely finite.  We develop many theoretical models of the universe, yet none explain all of the phenomena.  What our greatest radio and visual light telescopes see is only an infinitesimally small part of the universe.  We are no more advanced than those scientists and theologians in the days before Galileo or Columbus who thought the world ended in the ocean and one could fall off the edge of a flat Earth by sailing too far out to sea.  Keeping an open mind is essential.    

Even the planets travel in circles

Heaven help the fool

Who thinks in straight lines