Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My contemporary sculpture refers to the communication of ideas between artistic and scientific creativity, with attention to a spiritual pathway. Through operations of abstraction and transformation, I strive to bring forth metaphors related to high ideals, journeys, and explorations of the unknown.

Reaching for the Stars by Doug Czor
"Reaching For The Stars", Closeup
Transcendence by Doug Czor
Diffraction Grating Art

I have avoided the media spotlight in order to pursue a personal vision that Art & Science and Art & Technology might be able to save humanity.  I enjoy crafting Space Age materials into objects that speak to us about reaching for the secrets of the universe.  One of my favorite Space Age materials is the diffraction grating.  This film is composed of a rainbow hologram, imprinted into clear Mylar film then backed with a vapor-deposited aluminum mirror.

 When stretched and adhered to surfaces, the film acts like an iridescent mirror, producing intense color in much the same way as we find on the wings of beetles and the feathers of birds.  When the viewer’s motion varies the angle from which the diffraction grating artwork is viewed, a phenomenal shift in prismatic color is observed.  The choreography of the moving body causes unexpected dynamic allegiances to emerge; these allegiances occur due to the interaction between the color-shifting artwork and the constructed field.

Artist Doug Czor working in his studio
Doug working in his Studio

I especially enjoy using spectral transformation and geometry in the creation of Public Art sculpture.  Believing that art can be used to help save humanity from globalization, I think it works by breaking cultural barriers and inspiring young people to become scientists.  Also, I hope that my hand-made transformations from the inner to the outer world provide enjoyment and enlightenment for the curious.  I enjoy working with artists, scientists, engineers, physicists, astronomers, and all who  search for understanding the universe of which we are integral.  Sci-Art works bring science closer to the public and help us understand the new worlds of: cyberspace, artificial intelligence, Space-Time, Schrodinger’s Cat, holography, fractals, and our own subconscious mind.  

“Fortune favors the prepared mind”, Louis Pasteur