New Public Art Project Design Phase is starting August 2016

New Public Art Project Design Phase is starting August 2016

Doug Czor, artist, with dichroic glass2015, opening a new chapter in public art sculpture. Imagine combining art with mathematics and science by using architectural Dichroic panels. The Dichroic effect is a color changing phenomenon found in specially prepared transparent films that are adhered to glass or plastics. As the angle of viewing changes, so does the color.  Presently making and testing models that if chosen will hang from two story high hallways in the new Los Alamos County Community Building on the golf course.  Windows on the upper story will provide sunlight to light up the sculpture, and spotlights could produce an additional narrative for evening time. 

2017, hanging Dichroic panels project is completed.  See “Carry the Light” public art project here on this website. 

As of October 2020, I’m modifying a new design and soon looking for a commission. 

In 2021, considering the worldwide covid epidemic and the economic shutdown, I’ve decided to read more and study how art can help humanity survive.  I have several sculpture maquettes ready, but now that they have been on display here in the studio for a year, I can see modifications that will improve their ability to sing. 

The State of New Mexico Public Arts has notified me that the sculpture, “Reaching For the Stars” will be moved to a better location that is more prominent and available to the public.  This will be an intense and rewarding summer.

Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell, New Mexico, restored “Reaching For the Stars” public art sculpture and installed it in the center courtyard of campus in 2022.  The project was directed by Professor Bailey Coll.  The color of the sculpture was changed back to what was originally suggested by the artist – a red-brown that is a complimentary color to the New Mexico cerulean blue sky.  Thank you ENMU!

For the sculpture installation opening, a Gala celebration took place on the evening of Nov 10, 2022 with about 150 residents present.  During the preceding two days to the Gala celebration, Professor Bailey Coll and Doug Czor presented a PowerPoint slide show lecture to several Roswell and surrounding area art classes on the subject of Art & Science.  This presentation covered the history of a few famous artist-scientists and artist-engineers, examples of contemporary Art & Science artworks, and how combining the creativity of both fields led to great benefits for humanity.