Articles ‘Carry the Light’ opened Aug 4, 2017

‘Carry the Light’ opened Aug 4, 2017

My new public art installation opened August 4, 2017 at the Los Alamos County Community Building on the golf course. The work titled “Carry the Light” was created with Plexiglas and Dichroic Film in panels that are suspended from the ceiling with stainless steel aircraft cable. When sunlight hits the Dichroic Plexiglas panels, they reflect …

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Articles ‘Carry the Light’, Public Art

‘Carry the Light’, Public Art

Los Alamos Monitor Online By Tris DeRoma;  Friday, August 4, 2017 ‘Carry the Light’ opens at golf course Color and light have always been the tools of the artist, and at least with some sciences, the scientist also. Artist Doug Czor’s Plexiglas and dichroic film sculpture is now on display at the Los Alamos Golf Course. …

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Announcements New Public Art Project Design Phase is starting August 2016

New Public Art Project Design Phase is starting August 2016

2015, opening a new chapter in public art sculpture. Imagine combining art with mathematics and science by using architectural Dichroic panels. The Dichroic effect is a color changing phenomenon found in specially prepared transparent films that are adhered to glass or plastics. As the angle of viewing changes, so does the color.  Presently making and …

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